Earth Week

Each year we have an activity on campus to celebrate Earth Day. It usually consist of the NRG and Mockingbird Garden groups coming together planting and arranging for the year. We need volunteers. All you have to do is show up

A graphic image of flowers and plants, birds on the head of an earth

Earth Week 2017: April 17-22

ACC celebrates Earth Day with a week of fun-filled sustainability events that highlight the District's commitment to sustainable practices and engage students, faculty, and staff. The 2017 events will be held at campuses throughout the ACC District. Each day highlights a different sustainability theme. For 2017, we have over 25 events across 10 ACC locations!

Northridge Garden Planting Day - 9 am to 2 pm, ACC Northridge Campus, 11928 Stonehollow Dr.   For more info:   512-522-7212 or

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Posted by Cara Harpole on April 17, 2017