Post Earth Day Event

A special day of the year for gardening, learning, hands on participation, landscaping and helping out the NRG Garden and raised bed areas.

It's that time of year again when the Sustainability Department, the NRG Gardens and The Mockingbird Garden Club join forces to plant, clean, weed, and work on the beautification of our community gardens at the ACC Northridge campus.

The garden consist of a flower garden and a vegetable garden.  The vegetable Garden is called "the Mockingbird Garden."  

We became an official group on April 21, 2018, one day before Earth Day.  The vegetable garden has been actively maintained since 2013 soon..  

As a member of "The Green Team" (Sustainability Dept.) we hope to continue to support our mission to make our campus a more sustainable, and greener place.

The Northridge campus has been designated as "MonarchButterfly  Waystation thanks to the efforts of Kathryn Watt-Martinez and her team.  

This is a great time to volunteer and meet fellow gardeners.  

Hope to see you there. 

Posted by Cara Harpole on April 29, 2016